Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Morning

Quiet. Still.  I am reading Krishna Menon, Rupert Spira, and Francis Lucille.  Central heat sings white noise.  Cat warms my thighs; a lap-robe floats over my knees.  It has been a noisy week internally.  For this moment, mind is open; willing to listen rather than talk; to rest rather than run. 

Sun breaks through a front window and the glass book-weight shows off its diamond quality.  Light; always there is the light.  Eyes shut.  No light.  Only outpouring void, no-thing; the source of both its extreme children, and their offspring, the 10,000 things.

Stars shimmer in the morning.  Ocean crashes into the living room.  A flock of wild birds fly overhead, then land on the bookcase and begin preening each other.  The chair wraps its arms around me in a movement of total acceptance, absolute love.  Chair, cat, lap-robe, books.  A cup of tea steams.

Housekeeping Notes:   
Let me welcome Serbia as the latest country to visit us.  It is the 55th country to join us in helping to awaken Clarity.  Please note the inclusion of a new link in the Black Holes, Red Giants post, which directs you to a video of the Known Universe.  The link came to my attention via the very fine website, Nonduality America, and is sponsored by the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History.

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