Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Spiritual Sampler (Free Kindle Download) 6/3-6/7

Hello, everybody!  This is a flash-in-the-pan post; it'll move to a back burner in just five days,
when this giveaway promotion ends.  I've collected several popular posts into a Kindle booklet that would run about 40 print pages.  Each of them has been re-edited,
and lightly re-written for this edition, and I've slipped in a short introduction.
I'll be offering the booklet for free between midnight on June 2
 (Pacific time, which is Amazon time) through midnight on Friday, June 7.
The primary drive behind this is simply to bring attention to my work.
It's neat to have some AC available in an offline format;
I have all of my books on my phone and PC, and I love the ability to search quickly.
At any rate, if you know other other people who read AC, or whom you think might enjoy it,
please send them this link.  Come midnight Pacific on Friday this booklet will revert to
its whopping list price of $2.99, but until then it's free.
If nothing else, free is a great price!

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