Monday, June 10, 2013

What Is and What Isn't

THERE IS ONLY WHAT IS. Co-arising with the imagined sense of a human-exclusive identity comes an imagined sense of what isn't. This what isn't doesn't actually exist, but it feels like it does. Common names for what isn't would be my name, Fred, and your name. I experience Fredness, and since I am Nonduality itself, I am Fredness, but I don't believe I am exclusively Fredness. I am not confused about that.

When I'm not confused about where I'm looking from, I'm not confused about what I'm looking at. When I'm not confused about where I'm looking from, I cannot find anything wrong with What Is, with this current come-and-go arising. I cannot find anything missing. I cannot find anything out of order. I cannot find anything that is appearing either early or late. I cannot find an other. I cannot find alternative universes or dimensions where what I think about What Is actually matters. I'm hung with This, just as it is.

In the absence of imaginary comparisons, i.e., my beliefs, opinions, and positions--in the absence of my being BOPped, I notice that THIS This that I'm hung with is just fine. I don't even know what it is, but I notice that it's fine. It is as it is. Period. Common words that arise within what isn't are: should, could, would; I, you, us, them; then, now; wish, dream, think. Think of some more of your own.

Look closely at your language. Are you describing What Is, or what isn't? You're always describing from where you live. Are you living in What Is, or are you living in what isn't? Are you telling the truth about what's going on, or are you first lying to yourself, pretending that there's a what isn't that you can live in, and then suffering over your own lies?

~Fred Davis

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