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An Example of Claiming Your True Identity After Awakening

An Example 
of Claiming Your 
True Identity After Awakening

Hello, everybody! It's been quite a week at my house. I've hosted a number of Direct Pointing Sessions with people from all across the US and Australia, plus a 29 year-old young man in Bucharest, Romania. Every single one of them woke up. This whole thingI don't claim authorship, or even complete understandingcontinues to be totally amazing. Lately I've been working a pretty good bit with psychologists and psychiatrists, both in person and on Skype, which is wonderful. I love to share this with people who have such a direct impact on others.

One of my clients in a Clarity Session yesterday asked about my last post, Claiming Your True Identity After Awakening. "You didn't tell us how to do it," he said.

"There is no 'how'" I told him. "You just do it."

As unhelpful as that sounds, it really is the truth of it. It's like asking how to surrender. There is no 'how' to that either. When you reach either enough pain, or enough clarity, you just do it.

When we wake up, at the moment we are really clearwhen we know the truth of our being beyond the shadow of a doubtclaim that as your true identity, regardless of whether you're cloudy or clear. As I say in the post below, the sun is always shining. Claim that sun as yourself. Claim that shining as yourself.

Oscillation is simply part of the awakening process. It's not the wrong part; there is no wrong part. It's just another experience for Being to experience. Don't resist it, don't fight it, don't try to claim or hang onto awakeness, just let it do what it's going to do. It's going to do that anyway! If you're not in line with that you'll suffer not just over the sense of disconnection, but the sense that it "shouldn't be."

I went through years of oscillation; I know of what I speak. Seeking, initial and subsequent awakenings, oscillation, early stability, abidance, and embodiment are all part of the process. Everybody is different. With every opening, you get as much of this thing as you can stand at that moment. This thing is much, much larger than we can imagine. There's no way for the mind to stretch itself to encompass it.

Simply cooperate with the inevitable. That's the fastest way to get clear, and it's the least painful to boot. 

Along those lines I want to share an email with you that I just got tonight. I wrote the author, Mike Leahy, right back and got his permission to share his letter and his name. I did remove his email address. Other than that I am reprinting it here unedited, but for a couple of typos I corrected. 

One last thing. Mike, (a Kiwi who became an Australian) got up at 6 a.m. on Friday morning, his time, in order to talk to me at what was 4 p.m. Thursday EDT, my time. You have to love that kind of devotion to the truth. It pays off, too.

Thank you, Mike!

~Fred Davis 


Subject: Hi from Mike in Oz
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2013 09:48:33 +1000

Hi Fred,

First, thank you so much for giving of your time on Friday (my time!!) for our conversation together. At all times I felt in safe and loving hands. I cannot recall at what time you sensed that I had “got it” and I never had that “Oh my God” overwhelming feeling, but your floating me off the chair and taking things away until there was nothing more to take away, leaving just the body-less “me” and Being, the “I am”, was the lightbulb moment for me with the quiet realisation that “I am Being” and that all things thereafter were arising in me. To that point, while I had read that, it hadn’t resonated, wasn’t “owned”. With each “giving back” in your story, I saw with increasing clarity that every ‘thing” is an arising in that which I am. The final piece of the jig saw – at least, the final piece in this section of the jigsaw fell into place.

For that, more thanks than I can adequately express.

Thereafter, if you picked up any change in me, then it wasn’t wholly due to anything you said – it was in large part due to the fact that I realised that I was bloody cold!! The temperature outside the house was minus two, and I had forgotten to turn on the heater before we started! The room was freezing – after we signed off, it took two coffees and a bit of early sunlight warmth before full functioning started to return!!

I read somewhere where realisation, while it may come “out of the blue” needs a context within which to be appreciated fully. In some, that context may be supplied by a guru, teacher or friend. Without these, what happens can go unnoticed “like a thief in the night” and not be, at the time appreciated for what it is. For this unit, the whatever-it-was that left me knowing that “everything is going to be OK” [a previous glimpse Mike had] might well have been a realisation – but I didn’t have any context to possibly explain what that might have been – and so it went unexplained and (outwardly at least) unappreciated. 

Thereafter, reading, watching videos, listening to interviews started to provide a context – but such is the lot of dualistic activity that I couldn’t be sure that any emerging context (or philosophy, or story) was good, bad or indifferent. It was only in the last month or so that I started to realise that contexts are ALL misleading and that only that which remains after all contexts/stories etc. are seen through as irrelevant and misleading is the truth. Life, This – right here and right now. It was at this point, needing clarity, that I discovered (was led to) your site, and the rest – as they say – is history.

There is no expectation of residing in Oneness 24/7. In my previous stumbling about I have thought that I have got it/lost it innumerable times and so am prepared for that oscillation to continue until it doesn’t. I now have a rock-solid knowing of Being my true state – and know that, while it might be temporarily obscured, it is always here. I just need to let go and relax back into it. Rest assured that if cloudiness ever starts to alarm me, I will book in with you for a “tune up”!

Thank you again.

As One,

Mike Leahy
Orange, New South Wales

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